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Engine Diagnostics

An engine diagnostic is a test which is performed to learn more about why an engine is not functioning properly. The engine diagnostic is used to gather data which can be utilized in the repair of the vehicle, and it can also be used during things like emissions testing, in which a car is checked to confirm that it adheres to emissions standards for vehicles in its class.

The check engine light, also called the malfunction indicator light (MIL), is part of the vehicle’s onboard diagnostic system. It is used to inform the driver of a fault in one or more of the vehicle’s computer systems.

The MIL light can be on steadily or flashing, indicating a more serious problem. You should bring your vehicle in for a diagnosis immediately if the light is flashing.

On many vehicles, a wide range of causes can trigger the MIL light. It could be a simple as a loose gas cap, or a more severe problem that could lead to costly repairs if left untreated.

With our trained technicians and the latest in diagnostic equipment, AutoWorks can keep your vehicle working at its optimal performance.

We include a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) scan of your vehicle’s onboard computer systems as part of our Level 3 Maintenance Service Package.